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Wine Price & Quality Checker

vinfox-check is an easy to use App to quickly check for the correct price of a wine and vintage, obtain an indication of its quality, and its suggested drinking period.

vinfox-check is free, currently available for the iPhone™ and the iPad™, and can be obtained from the App Store. vinfox-check offers:
  • Intelligent wine search with few keystrokes.
  • Search history of the last shown wines.
  • Vintages with average price, quality and drinking periods.
  • Page number in the recent vinfox wine buyer's guide.
  • Where offers in Switzerland exist, the average and range of the prices for the available bottle sizes is indicated.

The database accessed by vinfox-check is being constantly maintained and updated. New wines and vintages are added as they appear on the market or in the literature.

How to search

It is often sufficient to type the first few letters of the words of a wine name:

for latChâteau Latour, Pauillac Les Forts
mon madChâteau Montus, Madiran
lag juChâteau Lagrange, Saint-Julien
mas anAntinori, Toscana Masseto
aig murBadoux, Aigle les Murailles

Data shown

For a vintage, the following data is shown:

Indicative price from vinfox price index
Quality on a 20-point scale, based on ratings of renowned wine critics
Start of optimal maturity, aggregated from recommendations of merchants and wine critics
End of optimal maturity
75cl Where available, average and range of recent offers from vinfox for a 75cl bottle